Chemicals used for making Men's Toupees & WIGS(Hand-Tied)

PU-Soft, PU-Hard. PU-MicroThin Skin, Hair Attaching Glue, Knot Sealers for Knotted/V-looped Hair
We have CW700-GLUES ( One-component of glues)
All are much dense, and need dilution by adding (cheap) solvents for (before) use.

CW means Cheong Cheong World Ltd which is one of John Korea Co's old company name.
(LIQUID) PU-SOFT used in making SKIN BASES of Men's Hairpieces
- Our PU is very suitable for producing Men's Hairpieces.
CW702-H (LIQUID) PU-HARD (used in making SKIN bases of Men's Hairpieces
- We make PU very suitable for producing SKINS of Men's Hairpieces in good.
CW703-MC PU-MICRO THIN (LIQUID) used in making Micro THIN SKIN base
(cap) weighing 2.5 grams ( General Skins used for Men's Hairpieces weigh 10 grams or more)
>>>>> Micro Thin, Little Hair, Ultra Lite

<> We would not receive an order if you have not produced Micro Thin skins or if you do not know to make Micro Thin skin-toupees which is produced differently from general PU skin toupees.
CW704-ELA <> SILI-POLY used in making ELASTIC SKIN base(cap)
<> Knots can be Hidden in the skin (invisible).
<> No need of PU coating
CW705-P (Perimeter) (Liquid) PU - suitable for making PU perimeter on MESH BASES of Toupees/ Lace Top Closures/ Full Lace wigs with hairs already knotted on.
CW706-SFT60S PU-SOFTENING (for Micro Skin) used in making MICRO-THIN SKIN bases softer AS a COATING-PU 
( MICRO-THIN SKIN tends to be stiff and hard.)
CW707-CT (Coating) Coating PU for making SKIN area of Men's Hairpieces smooth and even
CW708-FMSS - Used in making PU Skin with Fine Mono Net embedded  
- Used in making PU Skin sheet (flat form)

We have G7000-GLUES ( Two-component of glues)

All are much dense, and need dilution by adding (cheap) solvents for (before) use.

G7100 & G7400 ( Upgraded G100 and G400) [2component (liquid) glue]
< Hair Attaching Glue for hairs V-looped or hand-injected on PU skin
G7100C & G7410T [2component (liquid) glue]
< Upgraded Attaching Glue for beginners
G7100-KS1 & G7410T-KS4 [2 component (liquid) glue]
<Knot sealer
for LACE WIGS, LACE TOPPERS (denser grade type of CW7400-WG-Green & CW7400-Yellow>
1-4-S3(15)<Bas> (1-2/3-S2(6/7)<LJH>
G7100-STR & G7450STR
< Used in making HD lace, very thin or weak lace strengthened
G7100-NFR & G7450NFR
< Used in giving anti-fraying to lace or neof Lace frontals, Full Lace wigs when they are cut
G7100-MH1 & G7430M-MH3 [ 2 component (liquid) glue4
< Used in making laces, nets, meshes shaped (formed, contoured) in the head contour shape of each custom made unit >
1-3-T10(40) <Bas>

G7100-SK1 & G7410T-SK4 [2 component (liquid) glue]
<Used in making hairs implanted by machine into PU skin sheet or PU skin cap in head contour shape> 1-4-T4(20)
G7100-SK1 & G7420T-SK5 [2 component (liquid) glue]
<Used in making hairs implanted by machine into PU skin sheet or PU skin cap in head contour shape> 1-5-T4(24)
<Hot Weather> <Bas>
G700-WG-A2 & G700-WG-B9T ) {2component (liquid) glue]
<Used in making wefts (denser grade type of CW7400-WG-Blue & CW7400-WG-Red >
<Hot Weather>
G700-STH-A2 & G700-STH-B9T ) [2 component (liquid) glue]
Used in making Tape-In-Hair Extensions, Skin Wefts >
< G749-STH should be used together.>
The below product codes are for our old and regular customers.
G7011 & G7044, CW7011 & CW7044), G7100-N & G7400-N 
[2 component (liquid) glue]
G7101-KS1 & G7104-KS4 ( old item code, CW7101-KS & CW7104-KS )
[2 component (liquid) glue]
G700-KS ( A & B-10T ) (or we can say G700-KS-A & G700-KS-B10T )
[2 component (liquid) glue]

<(Knot Sealer (denser grade type of CW7400-WG (Green & Yellow))>
G700-SK ( A & B-20T )[2 component (liquid) glue]
<Used in making hairs implanted by machine into PU skin sheet or PU skin cap in shead shape
G100 & G400 -Knotted or implanted hair Attaching Glue
(Two-component glue)
G7101-KS1 & G7104-KS4
(Old code:CW7101-KS & CW7104-KS)
- Two component glue
- Factory use
- Strong knot Sealers ( 2 liquid qlue: CW7101-KS and CW7104-KS are to be mixed for use)
- Two component glue
(Old code: CW7015-KT103(Blue&Red)
KNOT SEALER having knotted (hand-tied) hair attached to NET (MESH, LACE) of Lace Wigs and Men's Toupees
2009 NEW-ATTACHING GLUE for hairs knotted or V-looped onto PU SKIN base of Men's Hairpieces (Toupees).

- Two component glue
( Old code:CW711MH-GM51R102),

MESH HARDENING CHEMICALS used in making (MONO) NET BASES head-shaped and keep the shape for a long time
CW734BE-MH(SHOP) (1D2)
MESH HARDENING CHEMICALS(25%) for Small Business or Shop's usage
(Old code:CW 722-AS)
ANTI SHINING CHEMICALS used for removing SHINE from SKIN bases and the area where SKIN and MESH are jointed. <US$100.00 ~ US$50.00/Liter>

The shelf life of CW752-AS is over 5 years.

When you order 10 Liters, we give technical support how to remove shine of PU at free.
- Two component glue
(Old code: CW708-FO)
PU FOAM LIQUID used in making instant Head-shaped molds
with proper hardness used in making bases and knotting
<> Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Liters each

No supply

KNOT SEALER: No supply




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