G749-STH (unicomponent glue), or G7011 & G7044 (2-component glue) 
G749-STH (unicomponent glue) makes soft skin base which hairs will be embedded.
G7011 and G7044 (2-component glue) should be mixed before use. Skin base can be made in different hardness (stifness) according to the mixure ratio of G7011:G7044.

Use: making all kinds of Tape in Hair Extensions to be worn with Double Sides Adhesive Taps.

We provide hands-on-training classes of more than 10 different kinds of METHODS used in making various types/styles of Hair Extensions at different class fees according to the Manufacturing Methods or Techniques. )

GG is one of various kinds of Double Sided Adhesive Tape-in Hair extensions.


<> The Hair extensions (42,55,63,74,75) seen in our photos do not have ADHESIVE TAPES (light blue) of PT-20170805-STH on them.

After training class, we try help you be able to buy (and make) equipments, tools, materials in need in your country saving purchase cost, shipping cost, import tax, etc.
Or if you can not, you can buy from us.

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We supply materials, machines, chemicals, tools, etc used in making tape in hair, tape hair, tapped hair,
extension, clipped hair clip in hair for tape hair extension made from Indian hair, Chinese hair, Russian hair,
remy hair, virgin hair, non remy hair, doulbe drawn hair.
We provide hands-on-training courses, online training for skin weft making, tape hair making, coloring,
wig making, weft making, braid making