Permanent Bonding System
for Toupees, Lace Frontals, Lace Front Full Wigs




Hypo-allergenic Permanent Bonding Glue in white (later be changed into transparent color) for Men's Hairpieces (Toupees) , Lace Frontals, Lace Front Full wigs

Bulk Package is available: 1 Kg, 2.5 Kgs, 5 Kgs, 10 Kgs in a container for your re-packing in small bottles (100 gr, 50 gr, 30 gr, 20 gr, 10 gr)

Minimum Order Quantity

Most of cases, we do keep none in stock but make new Fir new production.we have the following minimum order quantities;
1) Bulk Order
1 Kg per order
2) 100 gr bottle
10 pcs per order
3) 50 gr bottle
20 pcs per order
4) 40 gr bottle
25 pcs per order
5) 10 gr bottle
100 pcs per order
Meanwhile, when you order G660W and other products from us, and if we have a few pcs in stock by chance, or just after over-production for anther buyer, we supply even 1 pc in the size ordered by the buyer.
Or, if you order only G660W, and make advance payment for the G660W and the shipping cost, and wait until we receive an order in Minimum Order Quantity from another buyer to make a new production, maybe 1 month later, we can accept your small order regardless of the quantity and the (bottle) size..
For prices, please conact us by email.


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